A Flightless Pigeon Strikes Up an Adorable Friendship with a Tiny Puppy Unable to Walk, Revealing an Unforeseen yet Heartwarming Connection Between Them.

From the beginning, it was evident that this special needs puppy named Lundy really needed a friend. And he found one in the most unlikely of places.

Lundy, who was born with a disease that rendered him unable to walk properly, was placed in the care of The Mia Foundation in New York, which specializes in aiding animals with disabilities.

It was then that Lundy met Herman, a pigeon who understands what it’s like to be different.

Herman and Lundy, it turns out, have a lot in common. The pigeon, like the puppy, had been brought to The Mia Foundation last year, unable to fly owing to an injury or illness. They both have enormous hearts.

The Mia Foundation’s caretakers just introduced Herman and Lundy and put them in the same comfy bed. But, while it may have appeared like a strange pairing, Herman and Lundy plainly did not view it that way.

Herman and Lundy dug deeper and found a new friend in each other.

What transpired next was a lovely snugglefest, with both puppy and pigeon enjoying each other’s warm company.

Herman, the eldest of the two, seems to know just what Lundy required.

Though they were both brought to The Mia Foundation due to challenges, their budding friendship is the perfect happy ending to everything they’ve been through.

Life will undoubtedly provide special needs animals like Herman and Lundy with a few more challenges than others, but with the love of their caretakers and one another, those challenges will never be facedaone.

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