After finding the comforts of a warm retreat, a kitten that was stumbling through a brush pile becomes the most spirited cat.

A kitten stumbling through a brush pile became the most spirited cat after discovering the comforts of a warm retreat.

DJ MittensAlyssa

A wobbly kitten was spotted stumbling into a brush pile, terrified and desperately trying to hide from people. Despite his fear, he didn’t have a mean bone in his body.

Incredibly, the wobbly young cat had survived the outdoors on his own. Rescuers from Puppy Kitty NYCity responded to a call for help and quickly came to the little guy’s aid. They patiently coaxed him out from his hiding spot with treats and soothing words.

Gently placing him in a carrier, they whisked him off to the vet, marking the end of his street life.

The wobbly kitty stumbled into a brush pilePuppy Kitty NYCity

The kitten was frightened at the vet’s office, seeking refuge in the toe kick after the exam. Little did he know, his life was about to take a wonderful turn for the better.

“He’s safe now and won’t have to grow up in a dirt hole. He’s with an experienced foster parent and getting so much love and socialization,” Puppy Kitty NYCity shared.

He tried to hide in the toe kick at the vet’s officePuppy Kitty NYCity

The kitten, affectionately named DJ Mittens, has moderate cerebellar hypoplasia, which affects his balance and coordination. His world might constantly feel like a slow spin, but once he discovered the comforts of indoor life, he transformed into a new cat.

Gradually, DJ Mittens warmed up to his foster mom, Alyssa, and melted into every stroke.

Slowly but surely, he warmed up to his foster momAlyssa

He tottered over for treats and sat beside her for a well-deserved petting session. Soon, he came out of his shell and truly shone.

“He was very scared in the beginning, but after working with him for several days, he’s shown how much he wants love. He purrs when I pet him,” Alyssa shared.

He discovered his love for treats and head scritchesAlyssa

Despite his unsteadiness, DJ Mittens dashes around in his own unique way, catches toys with his full force, and relishes every moment of playtime.

“He loves exploring, and even though he loses his balance here and there, he keeps on going.”

He now wears a smile on his faceAlyssa

“I’ve put out area rugs to make his travels in the foster room more comfortable, but he likes hanging outside and on the floor.”

“He’s learning to trust us more and more and has the sweetest side. He still gets startled, but when I pet him, he realizes how much he enjoys it, and you hear his strong purr.”

He’s been giving silent meows, but is starting to find his voiceAlyssa

He’s grown to adore human affection and has blossomed into the cuddly companion he was always meant to be. Although he may start off shy, his sweet and gentle nature quickly shines through once he knows he’s safe.

“One of DJ Mittens’ most endearing traits is his love for other cats.”

DJ Mittens is in the houseAlyssa

“He has a unique way of bonding by adorably falling into his feline friends. He might be a bit wobbly on his feet, but it doesn’t stop him from enjoying life and playing with his kitty friends.”


The charming wobbly kitty is now ready to find a place of his own, where he will be showered with boundless love and affection.

He’s found a new zest for life as an indoor cat, surrounded by kind people who cheer him on and ensure his future is bright.


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