Left to Face the Unknown: Abandoned in a Stream after Giving Birth

Meet Olivia! On the afternoon of October 7, 2022, Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary received a report of a dog lying in a creek, very weak and extremely thin. Not far from the shelter, rescue volunteers rushed to assess the situation. The dog appeared to have recently given birth and was in desperate need of rescue as she was literally starving to death.

Upon their arrival, the scene that unfolded before them was heart-wrenching – a very frail and emaciated little dog who could barely stand. She was extremely fearful, even hours after being rescued. Unfortunately, she tested positive for heartworm, with low levels of platelets and red blood cells.

Olivia must undergo a 14-day isolation period to ensure she is free from rabies. Let’s all pray for Olivia’s speedy recovery!

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